Adults' Perspective on Public Bike Sharing System in Manizales, Colombia

This research project will be conducted in Manizales, Colombia in May 2021 (due to Coronavirus travel restrictions). This study is to better understand which factors influence how adults in Manizales, Colombia assess and evaluate the public bike sharing system Manizales En Bici.

Abstract & More Information

This post is mainly to provide a brief synopsis of what I have been researching and resources for making a research paper ready to publish. You can find all the resources for my research below. Below is a brief preview of my research.

Several cities within Colombia have seen the public bike sharing system model by now, but some cities have experienced more success than others. This disparity in success provides a motive to investigate the public opinions of the bike sharing system in Manizales, Colombia that is not experiencing the overwhelming success typically brought by bike sharing systems. The objective behind this study is to better understand how adults in Manizales view the current bike sharing system called Manizales En Bici. This study attempts to determine which certain factors such as safety, efficiency, and reliability, the people of Manizales consider when assessing the quality of the current bike sharing system. Additionally, this study seeks to identify how individuals predict possible improvements relating to infrastructure, technology, and safety to the current bike sharing system might impact their use and view of this bike sharing system in the future.

If you are interested in reading more on my research progress, you can view the complete paper below. [NOTE: The research has not yet been completed due to travel bans from Coronavirus. I will be traveling to Manizales in May 2021 to perform the rest of my research.]

Design Files

Throughout the semester, I decided to learn an academic typesetting programming language called LaTeX. Many conferences require your final submissions to use LaTeX to format your document. I figured it would be worthwhile to learn and feasible to create my questionnaires compared to trying to hassle with Word of Pages. Using LaTeX also makes making a bibliography and in-text citation hassle free. You can view certain individual parts of my research paper to the right. The best way for a beginning to learn and program in LaTeX is to make an account on Overleaf (you get a premium account with your Pitt ID). From there you can find templates or use my .tex files below to help you get started. I have added two final research papers in the table: one is set up for MLA format with the references using APA style and the other one is typeset for an academic journal using IEEE reference style guide.

Document Link
Questionnaires EN .tex
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Title Page .tex
Bibliography .bib
Final Research Paper MLA .tex .pdf
Final Research Paper Academic Journal .tex .pdf

Check back in May 2021!

Check back in May 2021 to see the progress and results of this research.