Mapping Bike Sharing Stations and Neighborhood Housing Conditions

Having a reliable mode of transportation is necessary for people to maintain jobs. Hence, sustainable and accessible mobility is imperative to the economic growth of a city. In many cities, bike sharing programs are becoming an increasingly sustainable and accessible option for commuters. Accessible transportation options are important to one's ability to gain a steady income. However, many bike sharing programs are not living up to their potential in ensuring that users from lower income neighborhoods can benefit as well. By collecting and analyzing data about these programs, we can learn about how to make them even more useful.

Written by

Katelyn Morrison, April 29th, 2020

Adults' Perspective on Public Bike Sharing System in Manizales, Colombia

This research project will be conducted in Manizales, Colombia in May 2021 (due to Coronavirus travel restrictions). This study is to better understand which factors influence how adults in Manizales, Colombia assess and evaluate the public bike sharing system Manizales En Bici.

Written by

Katelyn Morrison, March 31st, 2020