• "Evaluating the Fairness of Bike Sharing Programs using Geospatial Analysis" ~ Computational Sustainability Doctoral Consortium 2020
  • "Data Visualization: Creating a Plotly Dash App" ~ Women in Computer Science @ Pitt October 2020 Meeting
  • "Civic Hacking & Urban Informatics: Mapping Data with GeoPandas" ~ PyOhio 2020
  • "Dual Live Angle Calculation to Determine Torso Flexibility using Computer Vision" ~ Science2019 Undergraduate Research Symposium


  • "Reducing Discrimination in Learning Algorithms for Social Good in Sociotechnical Systems" ~ AI for Social Good Workshop @ IJCAI 2020
  • "Using Object Tracking Techniques to Non-Invasively Measure Thoracic Rotation Range of Motion" ~ Face and Gesture Analysis for Health Informatics Workshop @ ACM ICMI 2020
  • UNDER REVIEW: "Visualizing the COVID-19 Infodemic with a Claim-Mapping Dash App" ~ Gab41 on
  • UNDER REVIEW: "Tweet Language Detection: An Ensemble Approach" ~ Gab41 on

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